Columbia Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Finding out that your loved one isn’t being cared for the way they deserve is heartbreaking. Many individual caregivers in nursing homes are well-intentioned. However, these facilities are often understaffed or otherwise fail to comply with state and federal regulations governing skilled nursing facilities. Nursing home negligence is a serious problem. Therefore, it should be given the utmost attention to obtain justice for those affected. This can also prevent the same thing from happening to others.

What Should You Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Negligence?

The first and foremost concern is to get the victim out of the dangerous situation and get any medical treatment necessary. As soon as possible, you should seek legal counsel on behalf of the injured party. A knowledgeable nursing home negligence lawyer will be able to guide you through the next steps to help preserve evidence. This includes obtaining government reports and filings about the facility, and discover witnesses and other evidence relevant to the claim.

nursing home negligence lawyer

How Can an Attorney Help?

Getting an attorney involved in the case as soon as possible is vital. Our nursing home negligence lawyers can conduct investigations into the matter to determine exactly what happened. Thus, they can figure out the best way to proceed with nursing home negligence. Our team will do the legwork dealing with the corporate defendants and insurance companies. In order to file a claim, our team will make sure the groundwork is properly laid. In addition, our team will handle obtaining evidence, identifying witnesses and other pre-litigation matters.

Making sure the victim is cared for is the most important thing in nursing home negligence. Working with a lawyer can help ensure that these complex matters are handled and resolved in a fair and just manner. If you think that someone you care for is the victim of nursing home negligence, schedule a free consultation with Cavanaugh & Thickens today.


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