Commercial trucks travel hundreds of millions of miles a year. They haul everything from consumer products to livestock and are the predominant mode of freight transportation in the U.S.

The number of commercial trucks on the road increases the risk of colliding with one of them – or with the cargo they transport.

The Logging Truck Case

Recently, for example, a young boy was killed when the pickup truck in which he was riding hit a log protruding from a logging truck.

Oftentimes, accidents involving cargo are the result of noncompliance with trucking regulations and/or negligence. It is not clear if the log, in this case, was improperly loaded or unsecured at the time, but the tragic incident is a grim reminder that cargo can and does present a threat to the safety of motorists.

Federal Regulations

As such, there are strict rules for loading, securing, and transporting commercial cargo. For example, federal rules dictate that cargo securement systems must be able to withstand specific levels of deceleration, acceleration and lateral movements. There are also requirements with regard to straps, chains, ropes and cordage used to secure cargo.

If parties do not comply with these and other requirements, then cargo can spill or shift, causing a major hazard for anyone near the truck. Under these circumstances, negligent or reckless parties should be held accountable for damages stemming from cargo-related accidents.

Most motorists are unfamiliar with state and federal regulations, which can put them at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding their legal options in the aftermath of an accident. However, victims and their families can level the legal playing field by consulting an attorney after an accident to better understand their rights.

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