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Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer? 5 Signs. - Cavanaugh & Thickens, LLC

Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer? 5 Signs. | 7.20.2020

When and why you should call a workers’ comp attorney.

The last thing you want to do at work is rack up expensive medical bills or lose income from being injured on the job. While you can handle some situations working with only your employer, others are more complicated, and it is in your best interest to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. So, when should you get a lawyer involved? 

1. Your employer or its insurance company is giving you trouble during the compensation process.

If your employer or the insurance company denies your claim or does not pay your benefits in a timely manner, then you should talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer for an effective court hearing and to ensure your rights are protected. 

2. You’re unable to return to work for a period of time due to a work-related injury or illness.

In South Carolina, you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation for lost wages if you’re unable to return to work for at least a week as a result of your injury or illness. Please feel free to set up a free consultation with us if you are or have been in a similar situation while employed in the state of South Carolina, and we will work with you one-on-one. Each state has different workers’ compensation laws, so if you are from out-of-state, we are more than happy to refer you to a lawyer in your area. Just send us a message! 

3. You face any sort of discrimination from your employer or boss after filing a workers’ compensation claim.

If you have faced any discrimination from your employer, including but not limited to pay cuts, hour reduction, or demotions after filing a workers’ compensation claim, then contact a workers’ comp lawyer now. If you need a referral in your state, please feel free to reach out. 

4. You’re having trouble getting the treatment you need.

Sometimes it can take insurance companies a long time to approve expensive medical treatments, including surgery, after a work-related injury. Your health and healing are most important after an injury, so hire a lawyer to put pressure on the insurance company to get your treatment in a timely manner. 

5. You have or plan to apply for permanent disability or receive other government benefits.

Whether you are eligible for permanent partial disability (PPD) or permanent total disability (PTD), you should not have to worry about legal proceedings, structuring your own settlement or speaking with various organizations. Your focus should be healing while your attorney works tirelessly to get you a fair and timely outcome. If you’re already receiving government benefits, such as SSDI, make sure to contact a lawyer as these benefits may be reduced if you receive workers’ compensation. Experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can make sure you get the most advantages and help you get a better understanding of your specific situation.

How much will a workers’ compensation lawyer cost?

Please note that workers’ compensation lawyers do not charge hourly rates; instead, these types of lawyers work on a contingency fee which is typically a percentage of the benefits recovered. Settlements will likely be much higher when you have a lawyer present even after the contingency fee because they negotiate and use their deep understanding of the law to build a stronger case on your behalf. 

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