Columbia White Collar Crime Lawyers

“White-collar” crime offenses are those associated with claims of fraud, misrepresentation, and deceit. Prosecutors routinely bring “white-collar” charges in order to make an example of someone who is well respected in the community. However, what may look like purposeful conduct to outside eyes, may be the result of unintentional negligence or mismanagement.

In these cases, the accused may be notified by the prosecutor that they are the subject of a criminal injury. Additionally, the prosecutor may notify the accused that they are interested in discussing the case prior to indictment. A prosecutor’s rush to judgement can cause grievous and irreparable harm to a person’s reputation and standing in the community.

If you have received a “target-letter” or any other communication from a state or federal prosecutor, you should have client centered, results driven representation before you respond. Let Cavanaugh & Thickens guide you through the potential pitfalls with a specialized approach. Contact Columbia’s White Collar Crime Attorney today for your personalized consultation.


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