Truck Accident Lawyer in Rock Hill, SC

Do You Need a Rock Hill Truck Wreck Lawyer?

If you’ve been in an accident with a big rig, you need a Rock Hill truck wreck lawyer.

You’ve probably never considered that you might need a Rock Hill truck wreck lawyer. But if you’ve been in an accident with a big rig, that’s exactly what you need. It is very unlikely for someone to have a collision with a semi-truck or 18-wheeler and not come away with personal injuries. The trucks are significantly bigger and heavier than any car or SUV on the road. Because of this, truck wrecks usually result in substantially more damage. But there are other reasons you need a lawyer if you’ve been in a truck wreck.

To Determine Who Is Liable

In a personal vehicle accident, the only liable parties are the drivers. In a truck accident, there are often multiple parties who can be held liable. These could include:

  • Truck driver
  • The trucking company for which the driver works
  • The truck manufacturer
  • A third-party contractor
  • Government Entities

A competent personal injury lawyer with experience in truck accident lawsuits can determine who is liable. They can look through the police records, the investigation report, and witness accounts to figure out who can provide compensation for your injuries.

To Negotiate a Settlement or Take It to Trial

If you’ve ever been in a truck accident in Lancaster, Matthews, Monroe, Gaffney, or anywhere in between, you know how difficult it can be to work with insurance companies. When it’s an accident with a big truck, the difficulty multiplies. A lawyer can negotiate with all involved parties on your behalf. If the liable parties don’t want to provide proper compensation, a lawyer can represent you with a mediator or in a court of law if your lawsuit goes to trial.

There are often more complicated rules and regulations when it comes to lawsuits involving truck accidents. As a non-commercial driver, you can’t possibly be aware of everything involved in the legal process of dealing with a commercial driver or trucking company. That’s where your lawyer comes in.

If you suffered injuries in an accident with a truck, you don’t have to go it alone. The Rock Hill truck accident attorneys you can count on are the legal team at Cavanaugh & Thickens. We can help you get what you’re entitled to so you can focus on recovery and getting back to your life and your family.

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